The Software Factory

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR and 360°development

We have been developing interactive VR experiences for over a year, thanks to the combination of Unity 3D, Oculus Rift and Leap Motion technologies. Our engineers are permanently studying to create realities for training, education and entertainment purposes, through real interaction with virtual elements. (feel the excitement of using) Use your own hands in 3D environments! We have also developed 360° immersive experiences created to allow users to interact with products, places and animations with unprecedented quality, enhanced with Samsung Gear VR technology for the latest generation smartphones through 360° apps.

Video: Apiexpo 2016 “Grabbable Object” with “ImageHands”. 
Unity3D 5.3.4 + Leap Motion + Oculus Rift. Estación Mapocho. Santiago  


Software development

Training, courses, learning software, training modules for the use of tools and machinery. Original tools and custom-made real machinery simulation. Our developers create easy-to-use, didactic ways to train using computer based technologies with VR. Optimize your time and resources with state-of-the-art training technologies.

Pict: Beekepper training, Undel 2016,


Applications and experiences

Welcome to the newest concept in education. Using immersive VR technologies you can now see an actual battle from a troop’s perspective, stand in a real map (thanks to Google maps APIs), or enter a huge science lab, experience a moon landing or navigate the skies from your desk chair. Our developers will create any situation with exceptional accuracy; situations you can enjoy through an immersive experience. We also apply notions of pedagogical orientation to create intelligent evaluation software systems that can help to detect measurable factors such as response time, possible mistakes, and progress, generating statistics that can then be translated into useful data and information.

Pict: Source Internet.


Games for different platforms.

You win! Our developers have been programming games for many years (and playing them even longer!). We have vast experience in the design and development of computer and Smartphone games of many kinds, such as multiple-platform games, adventure games, arcade games, MUDs and others. We want to hear your ideas and provide guidance on the viability of your project and the best options for programming on the most suitable platform (format).

Pict: Demo multiplayer online game by Jinwe.

Real estate

Virtual tours for houses and apartments

See your house or apartment before you buy it, explore it, and enjoy the view! We have developed state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to virtually build and realize an entire building project. We integrate unique web technologies to present you with an amazing experience, walking through an ongoing project as if it were finished. We also have AR, VR and 360° experiences (AR, Android and Samsung Gear VR, Android) with never before seen user formats.

 To enjoy a demo, click here.

Pict: Demo virtual apartment on a web browser (Unity 3d + WebGL) Undel 2016


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